We are inviting applications from potential Trustees

We are looking for new Trustee to join our Board. To compliment the skills of our existing Board we need Trustees with knowledge of one or more of the following:

  • Health and Safety
  • Legal Expertise
  • Human Resources

About New School, Canterbury

New School, Canterbury will provide a rigorous, pioneering education inspired by the internationally recognised Waldorf curriculum.

The education has creativity at its heart and will grow with each child to balance imagination, critical thinking and academic excellence.

Our approach to learning aims to empower each student with the knowledge that he or she matters as an individual, so that when they leave, they will have the confidence to go out into the world and fulfil each of their unique potentials – shaping their own lives but ultimately our shared future.

We have submitted our application for Independent School status and are awaiting an inspection from OFSTED that is the final step in the process to become an Independent School.

We have a Kindergarten, a combined Class 1 and 2 and a combined Class 3 & 4.  The school will grow with the oldest children, adding a new Class 1 each year. Our ambition is to go right through to Class 13.

Development Timeframe & Legal Status:

We are a company Ltd. by guarantee and have just achieved Charity Status.  All our Trustees are Directors of the Ltd Company and Charity.

For more information please refer to our website: www.canterburynewschool.co.uk

The Board of Trustees

We currently have 6 Directors. Each Director heads-up an area of Interest.

Robin Harris – Chair of the Board

Andrew Bax – Finance

Paul Baxter – Finance & Business Development

Saskia Anley-McCallum – Marketing and Site development

Louise Rowley-Jones – Safeguarding

Maggie Gallop – Education

The Board of Trustees meet regularly on a voluntary basis to shape, discuss and consider the vision, progress and welfare of the school. Their main roles of responsibility are to:

  • Ensure clarity of Vision and Ethos and that our Values Framework underpins policy and practice within the school
  • Lead on Budget approval
  • Create robust accountability for the Teachers, Management Team and Working Group 
  • Ensure that the school is compliant with all its legal and contractual requirements.

Trustees will meet formally twice a term but can meet informally more often if the need arises. 

The Trustees are looking for someone to who has:

  • an interest in education and a curiosity for how education is developing locally, nationally and internationally, to meet our changing world.
  • good communication skills. People who are able to listen and who are also able to communicate complex ideas in a simple way.
  • a willingness to embrace our ethos and work within its parameters. A knowledge of or connection with Waldorf education is not necessary as we also value an independent perspective.
  • A desire to champion New School, Canterbury and act as an ambassador.
  • A willingness to attend school events
  • The skills and experience to represent the Trustees in a designated role. This means giving your expertise in a specific area of school life. We are currently looking for trustee with knowledge of Health & Safety, Law and / or Human Resources.

New School, Canterbury does not generally appoint parents or close relatives onto its trustee body, to avoid potential conflicts of interest which may otherwise arise; however, we may exceptionally consider doing so for candidates who demonstrate proven ability in the skills identified above.

We ask all potential Trustees to shadow the current board for up to two terms before being formally appointed. This gives potential Trustees the chance to get to know the school and for us all to ensure that we can work well together for the best interests of the children and the school.

How to apply:

If you have the professional expertise or experience that could support this new school to take its first steps towards an exciting future then do please send your CV and a covering letter that shares

  • what interests you about this role
  • what skills, knowledge and experience you can offer
  • what you believe a  pioneering Waldorf school could look like
  • the amount of time you would be able to support the Initiative with.

info@newschoolcanterbury.co.uk. | Please do feel free to contact us with any questions. 

We may invite you to meet us. At this meeting you will also be able to find out more about our hopes and aspirations for our school.

Before applying we recommend that you refer to the document “The Essential Trustee: What you need to know”, which is published by the Charity Commission. This document can be downloaded HERE

The opportunities will close when suitable candidates are found.

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