Clothing Policy

Our clothing policy aims to support the children to dress in a way that we consider appropriate and safe for learning in a school environment and must be suitable for each season and occasion. It is important that the children can engage with their work at school free from concerns about their clothing and free from any distractions. Please clearly label all clothing.


All clothes should be:

  • Comfortable, well-fitting and practical.  
  • Free from logos. Pictures should be no larger than a small matchbox.
  • Of natural fibres where possible.
  • Suitable for the weather.
  • Please note:  Skirts, shorts and dresses need to be at a reasonable length, neither too long nor too short and appropriate for any school activity.
  • Strappy tops, vest tops or halter-tops are not appropriate.
  • No tops which reveal midriff.  
  • If leggings are worn they need to be accompanied by either shorts, a skirt or dress.
  • Clothing should cover underwear (girls and boys).  
  • The children will be expected to spend time outside no matter what the weather. Please ensure that your child has suitable waterproof jacket and trousers, boots, gloves and winter hat and in the summer long sleeves and a sunhat.
  • When the children are inside the school building, hoods should be worn down and hat and coats taken off.
  • Colourful plain clothes to be worn, no black.  
  • Pyjamas and all-in-ones are not appropriate.
  • No ostentatious jewellery may be worn in school. Due to health and safety considerations only studs can be worn.  The only piercing permitted is in the ears.  
  • Watches are not to be worn.
  • Shoes must be well fitting, fully supporting and sensible. No open-toed shoes for woodwork or gardening activities. No high heels, platforms, flashing shoes, or flip-flops are to be worn.  
  • Students should wear well fitting and warm slippers. No slip-ons, novelty over-size slippers or crocs.


  • Make-up, including nail varnish, is not allowed. No “transfer tattoos” are to be worn to school.  Fringes must be above the eyes or clipped back.  No dyed hair.

Consequences of non-adherence to dress code: Should the dress code be broken the teacher will speak to the parent.


Students throughout the school are expected to wear appropriately coloured tops (at least) for the different festivals.

  • Michaelmas: Deep Red
  • Martinmas: Purple & Dark Blue
  • Advent: Dark Blue
  • Candlemas: Light Blue
  • Easter: Yellow & Green
  • May Day: Colourful Clothing
  • Whitsun: White
  • St John’s: Red, Orange & Yellow