Emergency School Closure Procedures 

In the event of inclement weather:

6:00am - All staff to check the weather conditions and contact Sarah Loudon if they are unable to get into school.  Sarah Loudon to check conditions locally.

6.30am - 7:00am - Sarah Loudon to contact Julie Summerhayes to decide if school to open or close.  If school is to close, Sarah Loudon to update www.kentclosures.co.uk and Heart  FM. BBC Radio Kent and KMFM will take up to date information from Kent School closures website.

7:00am - 7:15am - Sarah Loudon to email all parents and staff to advise of situation. Beth Cuenco to update school Facebook page and website.  

If the internet or websites are down, Sarah Loudon to contact the Class Contacts who will initiate telephone trees for staff and parents.   

In the event of adverse operational conditions:

If there is an incident at school such as break-in, fire, vandalism, weather damage to school, no heating, no water, the school might be closed at the last minute. We will then  initiate telephone trees immediately and then update Kent Closures, school website and facebook page.