Exclusion Policy



  1. Exclusion is a sanction used by the Initiative only in cases deemed as serious breaches of the Rules and Positive Behaviour Policy.  A pupil may be at risk of exclusion for:
  • Verbal or physical assault against or threatening behaviour against a pupil or adult;
  • Bullying;
  • Racist or sexist abuse, sexual misconduct, theft or damage to property;
  • Persistent and repetitive disruption of lessons and other pupils’ learning;
  • Persistent breach of rules;
  • Extreme misbehaviour which is deemed outside the remit of the normal range of sanctions;
  • Non-payment of fees.
  1. A Fixed Term Exclusion from the Initiative can only be authorised by a member of SLT 
  2. In the case of a Permanent Exclusion this can only be authorised by the SLT meeting and must only be done after consulting the Chair of Trustees of the intention to impose this sanction, although the final decision rests with SLT;
  3. The Initiative seeks to prevent incidents leading to exclusions by promoting a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and discipline within the Initiative as outlined in the Positive Behaviour Policy.

Notification of an Exclusion

  1. Parents will be notified as soon as possible of the decision to exclude a pupil and the reason for the exclusion.  This will be done on the day of the exclusion being authorised by either direct phone contact or a face-to-face meeting.  A written confirmation of the reason(s) for the exclusion will be sent to parents the same day;
  2. In the case of a Permanent Exclusion parents will be notified by the Chair of Trustees or Co-ordinator  in a face-to-face meeting;
  3. A pupil who has been excluded will have the reason for his/her exclusion explained to them by a member of staff so that they understand the nature of their misbehaviour;
  4. The Chair of Trustees and relevant staff will be notified of all Fixed Term Exclusions the same day as the production of the exclusion letter, which they will receive a copy of.  It will clearly outline the reasons for the exclusion.

Pupils Returning from a Fixed Term Exclusion

All students returning from a Fixed Term Exclusion are required to attend a reintegration meeting accompanied by a parent.  This meeting will seek to establish practical ways in which further exclusion can be avoided and behaviour modified to acceptable standards in partnership between student, parent and Initiative.


All correspondence regarding an exclusion from the Initiative will inform parents of their right to appeal to the Board of Trustees against the decision to exclude.  

The person who should be contacted to initiate an appeal is the secretary of the Board of Trustees.  

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