Frequently Asked Questions

Some helpful questions and answers

What if my child doesn’t want to participate in all of the activities on offer?
That is perfectly okay and we would never expect that of young children. Please do not feel you need to make your child join in with the craft or feel obligated to remain in the area of the activity. If they are happy playing or sitting quietly with you that is fine.

The group is about enabling children and parents to have the time and space to relax and explore the natural environment freely. Our gentle and unhurried approach enables children to have true sensory experiences and leaves plenty of space for their own developing imagination. Because there are no set boundaries you may explore the open space as you or your child may choose. This also provides a lovely opportunity to closely observe your child, whilst making friends with other parents. Please feel free to explore with your child!

What if my child doesn’t seem to settle the first time?
There can be a lot for young children to take in the first time they come to a session – the new environment, new faces and voices and lots of new things to experience. However after just a few sessions, most children settle as they learn the rhythm of the session always remains the same. The consistent form of the designated space and the order of the sessions, the repetition of songs, verses and stories help children to feel secure and at home and enables them to go with the flow of the session. In this way we can leave children in their own world and yet guide them.

I’m not confident singing with other adults
Children at this age are great imitators. It is their main instrument of learning. We make use of this fact by being good examples in word, action and deed. We invite you as parents to support us in this way in order to create a positive atmosphere for the children. One way you can do this is by joining in with the songs at ring-time and do not worry if you are not a confident singer, the songs are all simple to learn and sing. The children will enjoy this part of the session much more if the adult who has brought them joins in with the singing.

Is this group for dads as well?
Yes of course. We welcome dads and grandads. They often say how much they have enjoyed that time outside with their child or grandchild.

Can we bring dogs along?
Unfortunately no. We need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of those who attend our groups. Whilst we love dogs, some young children are frightened of them. However you’re more than welcome to leave your dog in the car and bring them for a walk before or after the session.

Is it okay to take photographs of my child(ren) playing?  Can we use mobile phones?
To follow best practice in safeguarding children, we ask that you refrain from using your mobile phone during the session. If you must make a call, please leave the central area where the group is located. This is to protect yourself and the other members of the group.

We also feel providing a screen-free space retains the unique quality of what we’re offering without the interruption of digital devices.

Occasionally the Group Leader may take photographs of the group during an activity. However photo consent would always be obtained from all parents involved.