How to apply

Through our admissions process we aim to ensure that

  • You gain a clear understanding of the distinctive education we offer before you commit to us
  • We feel satisfied that we can meet your child’s needs before we commit to you



It is important that you familiarise yourselves as fully as possible about our education and our Admissions Policy so that you can make an informed decision about whether this education is a right fit for your family. There are a number of videos HERE that may be of interest.

Admissions Procedure Registration

As we will provide a distinctive approach to education, it is important that parents understand our methods and some of our educational philosophy. Experience has shown that pupils benefit if parents and the school have a mutual understanding of child development and our curriculum. Prior to registration parents can book an informal visit to the site or a conversation with a teacher over the phone to answer any immediate questions.

A finance discussion will also take place with the school during the application process to ensure parents are aware of billing arrangements, notice periods and the requirement to maintain timely fee payments. A place will not be offered if there is evidence of an inability to pay fees or non-payment of fees/significant debts at another educational setting. A school place may be subsequently withdrawn if financial commitments to the school are not met.

These initial chats take place between parents and teachers without the child because we want to ensure that the school is the right fit for the child, family and school, before introducing the child to the possibility.



Once these chats and / or an informal visit have taken place, parents complete an application form, which should be returned with all the appropriate documentation and an application fee of £100 (for the first child) and £50 (for subsequent children). For children under 5 there is no application fee. Without full reports [attainment, behavior and SEN information] from the previous setting, including other Steiner Schools, we cannot proceed with the Admissions process. At any stage in the process, the School may request that an applicant has further SEN assessments before moving to the next stage.

After you submit an application, you will receive an acknowledgement within a week and we will set up a more formal conversation for you and your child with their class teacher.


The conversation with your child:

The class teacher will meet you and your child. During the time the class teacher meets your child they will conduct and informal assessment.

We will open as a small school with limited SEN support. Through our child assessments we aim to determine whether we can meet your child’s needs.

Following interview, and assuming we are able to admit your child, you will receive a formal offer together with a copy of our parent-school contract. It is at this point that you make your final decision whether to take up a place for your child at the School.