Non-Collection of Children from the Initiative Policy

In the event of a child not being collected at the appointed time:

  • A teacher or Assistant will take the child to the office;
  • The relevant paperwork will be checked for any notification of a change in circumstances;
  • The office staff will call the parents / carers;
  • If parents / carers cannot be reached, staff will then try to contact the authorised adults named as emergency contacts on the child’s admissions file;
  • If the parents or emergency contacts have not been reached after 30 minutes a member of the Risk and Compliance Committee will be informed of the situation;
  • In the unlikely event of a child still not having been collected after all reasonable attempts to contact parent or other authorised adults then, the Safeguarding Team, in consultation with SMT will decide whether to call the police;
  • The chair of Trustees must be informed.

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