Opening in January 2018

Before we achieve sign off as an Independent School

Mornings | The Teacher led initiative 

We can only call ourselves a school once we receive our licence which can take up to 3 months from when we register our site and submit our application. In the period before this, in order to comply with regulations, we will be offering part time education for pupils who are elective home educating . This means that we can offer a maximum of 16 hours a week. Lessons will be taught by the teachers who will be moving forward with us to Canterbury New School when we receive Independent School Status.

Afternoons | The Parent led initiative 

Some parents are choosing to educate their children independently in the afternoons and other parents work full time and therefore need care for their children across the afternoons. A group of parents have come together to set up a programme of workshops and activities that will be run by artists and practitioners for 1.5 hours each afternoon.

Afternoon activities will include Music, Landwork, Handwork, Games, Woodland or Outdoor activities and two Storytelling sessions. Children attending the Morning Sessions run by the Teacher Led Initiative will not be charged for these afternoon workshops. To find out more about these workshops email

Once we achieve Independent School Status

Canterbury New School 

Once we gain our license as an Independent School we will extend our day to cover the afternoon activities. The week will run from Monday to Friday and between 8:30am and 3pm. We are also looking to run after school clubs between 3pm – 5pm.

For the children who are taking part in the Initiative from January, the time table when they enter Canterbury New School, will feel very much the same. We plan to employ the same artists and practitioners as teachers within our new school and all our planning with the parent led initiative has been towards ensuring as little change and as much stability for the children as possible.


The Temporary Site in Garlinge Green

A Potential New School Site in Lower Hardres


When we go back in January, the home-ed support Initiative will run from the old Canterbury Steiner School site. The developer who has bought the site has kindly allowed us to stay there for up to 6 months.

We are currently applying for change of use on a new site. This site is in Lower Hardres and is only minutes from the old site but on a bus route that takes only 7 minutes to get to the centre of Canterbury. The site will need some work and we will be reaching out to the wider community to help us fundraise and to pool skills and resources to make this work happen as soon as possible.



May Tree Kindergarten aims to open as soon as possible as an independent organisation but working closely in partnership with Canterbury New School. In the period between January and the time they will receive their licence, the Kindergarten teachers have kindly offered to support our home-ed initiative by offering 5 year olds 18hours a week across 5 mornings and offering those under 5 years old, 2 hours a day. These are the hours they are allowed to offer before they get signed off as an independent Kindergarten. Like for the older children, we recognise that some parents need to work in the afternoons and a separate group of parents have set up afternoon activities for the 5 year olds between 13:00 – 15:00 each day.