School Structure

The Trustees

Canterbury New School is set up as a company limited by guarantee and will be registered as a charity before the end of November 2017.

The terms of reference for the Board will be to meet termly, or as needed, in order to:

  • Ensure clarity of Vision, Ethos and Strategy
  • Create robust accountability for the Management Team around the educational, organisational and financial performance of the school  
  • Lead on Budget approval
  • Lead on Fundraising Strategy
  • Ensure  that the school is compliant with all its legal and contractual requirements. 
  • Each of the committees below will be headed-up by a member of the Board.

The School Management

A School Manager will have responsibility for the day to day executive management of the school and will report directly to the Trustee Board. They will be supported by the Trustees and by the administrator. They will:

  • Communicate the ethos of Canterbury New School, demonstrating both leadership and personal commitment. 
  • Coordinate activities within the school to enable all pupils and staff recognise and achieve their potential.  
  • Ensure the developing quality of education for pupils of all abilities, creating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in teaching and learning.  
  • Create a harmonious environment where pupils feel safe and can learn effectively.
  • Ensure ethical, sustainable and environmentally sound working practices and policies throughout the school.
  • Oversee the effective financial management of the school, including maintaining financial records, maintaining an overview of the 3 -5 year financial plan,  the on-going budget position and the fundraising strategy.
  • Interview new staff and recommend suitable candidates to the Board.

Administrative Team:

  • Be the first point of contact for parents and prospective parents of the school.
  • ensure all the day to day administrative tasks of the school are completed accurately and effectively.


Teacher and learning Committee | Led by a teacher

The terms of reference for the Teaching and Learning Committee are to meet weekly, in order to maintain an overview of:

  • teaching and learning throughout the school
  • progress and achievement of pupils
  • curriculum development
  • the professional development of teachers
  • Although the Board will be responsible for hiring, they will do this with the guidance of teachers who will interview new staff until a school co-ordinator is hired.

Child Safety and Welfare Committee

The terms of reference for the Child Safety and Welfare Committee are to hold an overview of the safety and well-being of children at the school and to monitor and question the role and practice of the school, its leadership team and staff in these areas.

  • Safeguarding
  • Counselling
  • Attendance,
  • H&S
  • Welfare
  • Anti -Bullying
  • Pastoral care

Marketing, promotion & events committee

This committee supports the Trustees through implementing their vision for the marketing and promotion of the school including hiring and working with an external marketing and design specialist; running events that establish the reputation of the school as a pioneering example within the education sector (regular talks, workshops and conferences etc); organising regular events such as the Advent Fair. 

Personnel Committee

This Committee supports the Governors in their duty to oversee all aspects of employment, recruitment, staff welfare, staff and Trustee training and appraisals. To ensure that all recruitment procedures follow or exceed safer recruitment recommendations.

Site Committee

This committee supports the Trustees through implementing their vision for the site. Integrating environmental initiatives, building community assets and maintaining the grounds.

Teaching Team

  • Head Teacher (as soon as possible)
  • Toddler & Parent group leaders
  • Kindergarten teachers
  • Lower School Class Teachers
  • Upper School Class Teachers (at the point when we are able to expand to include an upper school)
  • Subject Teachers
  • Extra Curricular Teachers
  • An SEN Teacher